St. Louis-based ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster hits a home run and joins the elite with product placement across 250+ LOVE’S Travel Stops.

March 1, 2017 – America’s fastest growing fuel additive, ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster™, has now expanded to over 250 + LOVES Travel Stop locations across North America. Motivated to disrupt the industry and put both consumer and environment first, ROAD RAGE is powered by its Nano-Catalyst Technology™, a formula which increases fuel mileage, minimizes particulate emissions, cuts DEF in half and maximizes BTU’s.

Charles Smith, co-creator of Discovery Channel’s “Fast N Loud”, and President of ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster™ has been involved in the automotive and transport industry a long time, and was around first hand to announce the company’s exciting LOVE’s expansion. The goal of the new expansion is to assist owners and operators of diesel heavy machinery to make both economical and environmentally sound decisions that will benefit their equipment. This includes lowering maintenance costs, and minimizing environmental impact.

“I have a passion for the industry and the people who make up the industry,” said Smith, “We are the real deal and I want people to understand that great innovative products are made by people who think outside the box, and truly care about the outcome and their clients.”

ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster will be positioned in the fuel additive section of LOVE’S Travel Stops. A product rebate program will also be available for ROAD RAGE products.

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