St. Louis-based ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster commits to the 2017 NHRA Race season by continuing its partnership with Hennen Motorsports.

January 1, 2017 –ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster™, America’s fastest growing fuel additive, announced this week that the company would be resigning its sponsorship with Hennen Motorsports, which means you’ll be seeing some serious fists and flames at select NHRA events throughout the 2017 season.

With the team’s driver, Kebin Kinsley and new Crew Chief Donnie Bender taking over the reins. This year is looking to be the year for both Hennen Motorsports and ROAD RAGE.

“We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to continue being part of the NHRA”, said President of ROAD RAGE, Charles Smith, “Roger Hennen and his team are a great bunch of guys. We are always amazed at their level of experience, commitment and work ethic, and if this season is anything like the last, we have no doubt that our fan base will continue to grow and that you’ll see plenty of fists and flames on race day.”

Early in 2017, ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster has already notched up a couple of wins with the company’s diesel fuel additive recently securing an expansion to 250+ LOVE’S Travel Stops nationwide, as well as new partnerships with TA-Petro, Swissport Fueling and Fleetpride Truck and Trailer Parts.

If you haven’t seen or heard about ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster, be sure to get your hands on a bottle and give it a try. The company’s Nano-Catalyst Technology™ was created with a preventative approach in mind. It promises an increase in horsepower, more miles per gallon of fuel, and a cleaner and more environmentally friendly engine.

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