St. Louis-based ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster™ joins other reputable brands at the iconic C-A-L Ranch Stores.

February 16, 2017 – With an aggressive plan for expansion and growth, and a demand by the general public for ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster™ to be readily available to consumers, the company is excited to announce its latest partnership with a truly iconic American retail brand, C-A-L Ranch Stores. As of March, 2017, ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster’s Diesel Fuel Additive will be available in all 26 C-A-L Ranch stores in Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

This is good news for local farmers and owner operators of Diesel machinery including trucks, earthmoving equipment and other agricultural machinery. By choosing ROAD RAGE, one will experience reduced fuel consumption and lowered maintenance costs, as well as a decrease in soot and diesel particulate matter. This will also result in a significant overall improvement in emissions related issues that affect crops and livestock.

“We are very proud of this alliance between ROAD RAGE and C-A-L Ranch Stores,” said ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster President, Charles Smith. “C-A-L Ranch has a reputation of providing world class customer service and staying top-of-mind. What they do is working, and has been for the past 58 years, this is a win-win for both companies.”

ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster’s Nano-Catalyst Technology™ targets and eliminates fuel related problems before they occur, whereas traditional Diesel fuel additives, which are detergent based, only address the ongoing symptoms of fuel related problems.

To learn more about ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster™ please visit:  or contact VP of Sales, Patricia Shannon here.