St. Louis-based ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster® has expanded its retail footprint by partnering with TA Petro locations across the USA.

May 1, 2017 – ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster®, America’s premium diesel fuel additive, has expanded their retail dominance by joining forces with select TA Petro Travel Center locations. While the hype and buzz surrounding the product is on the rise, particularly after company President, Charles Smith’s recent Q & A session at the IRPT Convention, the move is not a surprise for the ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster team who have been in discussions with TA Petro since early 2017.

Charles Smith, President of ROAD RAGE stated ‘Placing ROAD RAGE in TA Petro Travel Center locations has been a goal of ours since September 2016, and while discussions about this placement have been going on for some time, it certainly does not tame the excitement which we are all feeling about this partnership. TA Petro is a well-known brand which really speaks to one of our most loyal audiences – owner operators.

ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster® will initially launch in 150 TA Petro locations as they work through the final store numbers with key distributor, TNT. Initially, the product will be displayed in ROAD RAGE’s new six pack counter displays with limited stock being available. Charles Smith’s advice ‘Get em while you can’.

To strengthen this launch, TA Petro’s iconic magazine, Road King magazine has also published a special piece on ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster and their annual sponsorship of their NHRA Top Fuel Dragster. This article can be found by clicking here.

About ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster

ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster is America’s fastest growing fuel additive for diesel, gasoline and bio-diesel fuels. The company delivers cost and environmental efficiencies by reducing fuel consumption and minimizing carbon output, utilizing its Nano-Catalyst Technology™ which targets and eliminates fuel related problems before they occur. The company serves the air, ground and maritime industries.

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