St. Louis-based ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster offers program that promises to slash even more dollars per mile.

March 1, 2017 – If the promise of more power, greater efficiency and a cleaner engine are not enough to get you screaming down the freeway to your closest LOVE’S Travel Stop to pick up a bottle of ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster™, the recently introduced rebate program will be!

From March 1, 2017 to May 1, 2017 at over 250 nationwide LOVE’S Travel Stop’s, ROAD RAGER’S can buy 3 – 12oz bottles of ROAD RAGE and get $20 back*.

“This rebate program is nothing short of epic and a way for our team to say thank you to our loyal customers” said Charles Smith, President of ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster. “It’s also a fantastic opportunity for those who have been sitting on the fence with our product and not quite sure whether to give it a shot, at these prices you’ve basically got nothing to lose and everything to gain”.

ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster’s proprietary Nano-Catalyst Technology™ simultaneously produces higher horsepower and increases fuel efficiency. It does this by lowering the ignition point of the fuel in the system, allowing each cylinder to fire faster and more power to be released with every power stroke of the pistons. The result; MORE MILES FOR LE$$, YES!

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