Businesses: No Coast Originals; ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster, Gas Monkey Tequila (named for Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, co-owned by racecar driver/reality TV star Richard Rawlings), Hatfield & McCoy Whiskey, and another liquor brand set to launch this summer

Firearms Paraphernalia: “I have a fascination with power. It’s an incredible symbol, which I like to think about as I’m building these various enterprises. Annie describes this as a highly charged testosterone atmosphere, though one with finesse.”

Bar: After rescuing the bar from an abandoned building in Belleville, Illinois, Smith stripped and lacquered the historic veneer wood: “I love to think about the stories that were told at this bar in the past, and now we are creating new stories around it.”

Color Scheme: “Black is my favorite color. All of my cars are black. The gold adds an elegant touch, and the white endows the space with a brightness and positivity. It also reminds me of speed and to ‘run lean.’ My father had a cinder black sign-painting shop in Sedalia. He built drag cars, so I learned how to engineer those components of the cars with my dad. He still has the shop, but these days I spend more time helping him clean it.”

Bar Cart: It was salvaged from a Chicago junk shop. “The obelisks are phallic symbols and again remind me of power.”

Gucci Briefcase: “This was a doctor’s briefcase, which had been passed down to two generations before it was passed down to me. I carry it every single day—on airplanes, to the country, wherever I go. I like to keep everything with me, organized and at my fingertips.”

Golden Retriever: King was born on the Fourth of July. “He’s our child and goes with us everywhere.”

Airplane: “I love the movement of takeoff—going to the top! It reminds me that anything is possible.”

Statues: He salvaged the 1950s-era Salesmen of the Year awards. “I think they’re beautiful and very fun.”
1957 Chevy Bel Air: “This was my dream car. I finally found this one two and a half years ago and completely restored and modernized it. I like to drive on back roads and curvy roads in the Ozarks, but I try not to venture too far. I have AAA on speed dial.”

Attire: Saks suit, Hugo Boss French cuff shirt, Rolex watch, and custom belt buckle inspired by the emblem on a Chevy Bel Air. “I had it made way before I owned the car.”

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